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Supplementary materials associated with the publication titled: 

"High-altitude demonstration of LWIR polarimeter using uncooled microbolometers." 

Included in this database:

1. Calibration File:

Details on the calibration process can be found in the paper. The calibration file has all information needed to demodulate the flight data. The python scripts that were used to create the calibration file can be found here:

2. 2021 Flight Telemetry Data

The telemetry data recorded by the IRCSP is in the csv file. The telemetry recorded by the CSBF HAB is in the rpt file. Before data analysis, the hdf5 files were converted to an SQL database cross-referenced with the CSBF telemetry. The python scripts to do this, along with pulling GOES-16 data to cross-reference with CSBF data, can be found here:

3. Raw 2021 Flight Data

The pre-flight zip file includes all data taken before the HAB was launched. The other zip files include all data taken after launch. Each hd5f files contains images from both IRCSP cameras and their FPA temperatures. The demodulation method is explained in the paper. The following python script can be used to produce the final DoLP, AoLP, and Tb results:

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