University of Arizona
I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Planetary Sciences at the University of Arizona. My research focuses on the geophysical measurement and monitoring of changing rock glaciers and debris-covered glaciers on Earth and Mars. I have a background in Geophysical Engineering with experience as field technician for large geophysical surveys.


  • Rock glacier composition and structure from radio wave speed analysis with dipping reflector correction
  • Lack of Meltwater May Prevent Radar Sounding Measurements of Supraglacial Debris Thickness in the Martian Midlatitudes
  • Insolation-Driven Boundary Conditions for Debris-Covered Glaciers on Mars and Earth
  • Insolation-Driven Variability in Debris-Covered Glaciers on Mars and Earth
  • Local Variability in Debris-Covered Glacier Evolution on Earth and Mars
  • Searching for Climate Signals in the Internal Structure of Terrestrial and Martian Debris-Covered Glaciers
  • Photogrammetric Monitoring of Rock Glacier Motion Using High-Resolution Cross-Platform Datasets: Formation Age Estimation and Modern Thinning Rates
  • Active Seismic Refraction, Reflection, and Surface‐Wave Surveys in Thick Debris‐Covered Glacial Environments

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