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Oral Presentation for "Agreement with Disjoined Subjects in German"

posted on 2021-05-21, 21:13 authored by Anke Himmelreich, Katharina Hartmann
This talk was presented on 2021 April 8 - 11 at the 39th meeting of the West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics.

Provided abstract:
In this talk, we present the findings of our experiments on agreement with disjunctive coordinations in Standard German and we analyze our findings in Optimality Theory. We observe that number agreement resolves to PL unless both disjuncts are SG. With singular disjuncts there is optionality between PL and SG agreement. We develop an account that considers the semantic number feature of disjunction. We also discuss person agreement as well as effects of word order and syncretisms on agreement.

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This item is part of the "39th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics ReDATA Collection".


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