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Poster Presentation for "Two Types of Light Verb Constructions: Syntactic Accommodation of Spanish Loan Verbs in San Pablo Güilá Zapotec"

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posted on 2021-08-25, 19:39 authored by Mariana Itzel Calderón Corona
This poster was presented on 2021 April 8 - 11 at the 39th meeting of the West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics.

Provided abstract:
This paper argues, from a Minimalist perspective, that SPGZ accommodates Spanish eventive loan words into two different syntactic constructions. While both are expressed identically phonetically, this analysis shows that they correspond to distinct syntactic principles. It addresses the question of case marking on unaccusative loan predicates and offers an answer inspired by Öztürk and Taylan's (2017) understanding of Pazar Laz voice system; worthly for the study of V1-S-V2-O pattern.

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