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Poster Presentation for "Mass-to-Count Shifts and Number Morphology"

posted on 2021-06-03, 19:09 authored by Olga Kagan
This poster was presented on 2021 April 8 - 11 at the 39th meeting of the West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics.

Provided abstract:
This paper investigates the interaction of mass nouns with numerals and plural morphology in Russian and English. In Russian, high numerals, which require a plural complement, cannot combine with mass nouns: *pjat’ piv / vod ‘five beers / waters’. I propose an analysis of this puzzle at the syntax-semantics interface, arguing that (i) pluralization must apply on top of a mass-to-count shift and not vice versa; (ii) in Russian, unlike English, pluralization of mass nouns must take place below nP.

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