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Poster Presentation for "Inverse Scope in Scrambling Languages: the case of Bangla"

posted on 2021-06-02, 21:11 authored by Ishani Guha, Swarnendu Moitra, Paul Marty
This poster was presented on 2021 April 8 - 11 at the 39th meeting of the West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics.

Provided abstract:
This project experimentally investigates if doubly-quantified sentences in Bangla, a verb-final language with scrambling, are ambiguous between Surface Scope (SS) and Inverse Scope (IS) readings. We report on a sentence-picture acceptability experiment. Results provide evidence that canonical SOV and scrambled OSV sentences allow both SS and IS. Moreover, we see a strong preference for IS in SOV order, showing the effect of a strongly distributive universal quantifier in the object position.

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