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Top Reason Books Were Challenged By Age Group Between 2010-2019

posted on 2021-05-11, 21:06 authored by Melanie Gin
This visualization, titled "Top Reason Books Were Challenged By Age Group Between 2010-2019" was submitted by Melanie Gin to the University of Arizona Libraries 2021 Data Visualization Challenge. It received the second place win within the undergraduate classification.

Submitted Abstract:
The data pertains to children through young-adult books challenged in United States libraries and schools from 2010-2019—separated as "children" (2-10), "middle" (11-13), and "young-adult" (14-17). The graph provides some information about the reason(s) books are challenged. This data was obtained and modified from the Illinois Library Association (ILA), American Library Association (ALA), and the University of Toledo. Adult books taught in classes, such as The Great Gatsby, Beloved, etc., are not included. “Unsuitable for age group” acts as “other” category for “appropriate for older ages,” “dark themes,” “occult,” or reason not provided.

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