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Supplemental Figure S1 for "Clostridium scindens exacerbates experimental necrotizing enterocolitis via upregulation of the apical sodium dependent bile acid transporter"

posted on 2023-10-03, 19:25 authored by Christine M CaltonChristine M Calton, Katelyn Carothers, Shylaja Ramamurthy, Neha Jagadish, Bhumika Phanindra, Anett Garcia, VK Viswanathan, Melissa D Halpern

Supplemental Figure S1. Lumenal and intracellular levels of individual bile acid species. Bile acid quantities were determined by mass spectrometry. Values are expressed as mean mole fractions of the lumenal or intracellular bile acid pool ± standard deviation. Significance differences were determined by one-way ANOVA followed by Holm-Šídák multiple comparisons test (*P<0.05). ND, not detected.

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Bile Acids in Necrotizing Enterocolitis

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