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Spatial Distribution of Bus Stops and Population Density in Bogota, Colombia

posted on 2022-05-17, 00:20 authored by Liliana Paola Salas NinoLiliana Paola Salas Nino

This interactive dashboard allows the user to explore the relationship between the allocation of bus stops and population density in a big city In the Global South: Bogota, Colombia. The data is aggregated and presented at the level of Urban Planing Unit (UPU).

The user can either click any of the UPUs on the map and get the population density for that unit, or they can click on the bars on the right-hand side and get respective UPU on the map along with the population density.

There are also two filters that the user can manipulate to visualize UPUs that meet certain threshold defined by the user in terms of both population density and bus stops.

ReDATA curator's note: this is an interactive plot. It may be used by visiting the page listed in the references.

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