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Golden State Warriors Passing Analysis (2020-2021)

posted on 2021-05-11, 21:05 authored by Elaine Rhee
This visualization, titled "Golden State Warriors Passing Analysis (2020-2021)" was submitted by Elaine Rhee to the University of Arizona Libraries 2021 Data Visualization Challenge. It received the second place win within the graduate classification.

Submitted Abstract:
The graph presents the passing analysis of the Golden State Warriors (2020-2021). The data is from the official NBA website.

Graph interpretation:
- The greater the size of the dots, the more a player interacted with the other players.
- The thicker the line, the more points were earned from the two players' passes.

Features of the graph:
- Click on a player to highlight the player's part of the graph.
- Hover on the dots to see the list of players that a player interacted with.
- Move around the dots wherever you want to to customize the graph.
- Zoom in or out.

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