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Climate Change and Hurricanes

posted on 2023-05-09, 19:42 authored by Kate M LouisKate M Louis

My infographic starts with the "ingredients" for a hurricane followed by the two methods of measuring intensity; The PDI as represented with a battery and the Saffir-Simpson Scale through the damage of a housing structure. With a basic understanding built, viewers can read a line graph proving the correlation in rising sea temperatures and increased hurricane intensity. What does this mean to my audience? There will be an increase in the number of strong hurricanes if temperatures continue to increase and taking action against global warming is covertly encouraged. Data and information was sourced from Yale Climate Connections and The EPA. The design follows the GoogleTrend Branding Guide.

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This item is part of the University of Arizona Libraries 2023 Data Visualization Challenge and was awarded second place in the undergraduate student category