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Botanical Gardens as Butterfly Hotspots in Urban Landscapes

posted on 2020-05-29, 17:35 authored by Jazmyn Irene Brazile WinzerJazmyn Irene Brazile Winzer
This visualization, titled "Botanical Gardens as Butterfly Hotspots in Urban Landscapes" was submitted by Jazmyn Winzer to the University of Arizona Libraries 2020 Data Visualization Challenge. It received the second place win within the undergraduate classification.

Submitted abstract:
Public engagement is essential in ecological studies and conservation efforts. Citizen science allows the public to participate in research by collecting and processing data collection and processing. This practice in conservation promotes public interest in the environment and develops scientific methodologies that are easily communicated, while also producing research grade data. This study hopes to determine if data collected from citizen science databases, like eButterfly and iNaturalist, can help detect scale in urban butterfly diversity. We predict that butterfly species richness/diversity observed at Tohono Chul will match those of greater Tucson, as its green areas support butterfly diversity.

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