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An interactive Krona projection: Meta-analysis of the Honey bee microbiota

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posted on 2022-05-06, 14:52 authored by Duan CopelandDuan Copeland, Kirk E. Anderson

This Krona projection shows the results of a meta-analysis of the honey bee gut microbiota. We identified 26 studies spanning four continents, comprising 3000 western honey bee, Apis mellifera, gastrointestinal tract samples targeting bacterial 16S rRNA genes. Honey bees have a relatively simple and stable microbiota consisting of ten major phylotypes: Lactobacillus, Gilliamella, Snodgrassella, Bombilactobacillus, Frischella, Bifidobacterium, Bombella, Apilactobacillus, Commensalibacter, and Bartonella. Other taxa belonging to the rare biosphere (low abundance and prevalence) warrant further investigation. Click the “Color by % Prevalence” toggle and explore the interactive dataset through different honey bee gut niches refined to >97% bacterial species similarity.

ReDATA curator's note: this is an interactive plot. It may be used by visiting the page listed in the references or it may be used offline by downloading the HTML file in this archive and opening it in a web browser.

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This item is part of the University of Arizona Libraries 2022 Data Visualization Challenge


This research was funded by the ARS-USDA, research plan 501-2022-050 017.


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