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Text Simplification: Impact of Noun Phrase Length on Sentence Difficulty

posted on 2022-11-03, 15:33 authored by Gondy Augusta LeroyGondy Augusta Leroy

As described in Section 2 of the associated publication, this dataset contains 360 sentences from 12 experimental conditions: NP length (2-gram, 3-gram, 4-gram), NP split (Yes/No), and pseudoword use (Yes/No). 

Perceived difficulty (Likert Scale) and actual difficulty (multiple choice content questions) for each sentence are provided as an average. The average is based on approximately 35 evaluations per sentence by Amazon Mechanical Turk workers.

For inquiries regarding the contents of this dataset, please contact the Corresponding Author listed in the README.txt file. Administrative inquiries (e.g., removal requests, trouble downloading, etc.) can be directed to


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