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NASA INCA CONUS Land Surface Phenology, Contiguous United States, 2001 - 2017

posted on 2021-04-28, 21:09 authored by USA National Phenology Network
The MODIS Land Cover Dynamics Product (MLCD) provides global land surface phenology (LSP) data from 2001-2017. MLCD serves a wide variety of applications and is currently the only source of operationally produced global LSP data. MLCD data have enabled important discoveries about the role of climate in driving seasonal vegetation changes, helped to create improved maps of land cover, and support ecosystem modeling efforts, among many other important applications. The LSP Climate Indicators (LSP-CI) dataset is a curated collection of the most relevant phenological indicators: a measure of spring and autumn timing and a measure of seasonal productivity. Statistically robust estimates of long-term normals (median and median absolute deviation, MAD), significance-screened trends (Theil-Sen slope magnitude where p<=0.05), and interannual anomalies (in days as well as multiples of MAD) have been computed for these three phenological indicators. The data have been mosaiced across CONUS, reprojected and resampled to a more familiar spatial reference system that matches complementary datasets and delivered in the universally accessible GeoTIFF format, via the USA-NPN Geoserver (user access facilitated by the Geoserver Request Builder:

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