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Mutsun Language Database Exports

Version 2 2022-06-28, 14:59
Version 1 2022-06-14, 20:21
posted on 2022-06-28, 14:59 authored by Natasha WarnerNatasha Warner, Lynnika Butler, Heather Van Volkinburg, Quirina Geary

Mutsun language database backup and XML exports. Mutsun is a Native American language spoken near San Juan Bautista, California. The last fluent first-language speaker passed away in 1930. The materials here represent analyzed texts in the language that were documented in field notes of early anthropologists, linguists, and a mission priest working with fluent native speakers.

The versions here are XML backups for safe long-term preservation of the information. PDFs for use by language learners and others are archived through the UA Campus Repository. Materials are also archived at the California Language Archive (Department of Linguistics, UC Berkeley, see References below) and may be archived at additional archives.

A virtual machine containing the FieldWorks FLex software and the database is also available.

For inquiries regarding the contents of this dataset, please contact the Corresponding Author listed in the README.txt file. Administrative inquiries (e.g., removal requests, trouble downloading, etc.) can be directed to

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A Database of Mutsun, an Extinct California American Indian Language

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