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Library Data Services Landscape Scan

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R code and data for a landscape scan of data services at academic libraries. Original data is licensed CC By 4.0, data obtained from other sources is licensed according to the original licensing terms. R scripts are licensed under the BSD 3-clause license.


This work generally focuses on four questions:

  1. Which research data services does an academic library provide?
  2. For a subset of those services, what form does the support come in? i.e. consulting, instruction, or web resources?
  3. Are there differences in support between three categories of services: data management, geospatial, and data science?
  4. How does library resourcing (i.e. salaries) affect the number of research data services?


Using direct survey of web resources, we investigated the services offered at 25 Research 1 universities in the United States of America.

Please refer to the included files for more information.


For inquiries regarding the contents of this dataset, please contact the Corresponding Author listed in the README.txt file. Administrative inquiries (e.g., removal requests, trouble downloading, etc.) can be directed to