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Illumis Federal and State Lobbying Registrations

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Dataset available only to University of Arizona affiliates. To obtain access, you must log in to ReDATA with your NetID. Data is for research use by each individual downloader only. Sharing and/or redistribution of any portion of this dataset is prohibited.

This dataset is licensed to the University of Arizona by illumis and was procured through the University Libraries' Data Grant Program 2020.

illumis' public lobbying data is the most comprehensive lobbying data set available covering federal lobbying registrations including US House, US Senate, and DOJ FARA along with state-level lobbyist databases from all 50 states.

Like many other public data sources, lobbying data can be difficult to access. illumis' lobbying data takes data that has been filed inconsistently and brings it together by source to make it more searchable for relevant research.

While fields across sources can vary, illumis' lobbying data allows researchers to review lobbying filings in each jurisdiction at the federal and state level. This data includes fields such as lobbyist, lobbying firm, client, registration date, and more depending on jurisdiction. This lobbying data can point to conflicts of interest and undue influence as well as inform relevant scholarly research.

Index.csv contains information on each specific file inside of the zip archives

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