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Data for "Accelerated abdominal lipid depletion from pesticide treatment alters honey bee pollen foraging strategy, but not onset, in worker honey bees"

posted on 2023-04-06, 23:21 authored by Megan Elizabeth DeeterMegan Elizabeth Deeter, Vanessa Corby-Harris, Lucy A. Snyder, Charlotte A. D. Meador

Honey bees exhibit a gradual decline in abdominal lipid that can be accelerated from stress. We demonstrate that pesticide-induced accelerated lipid decline shifts foraging preference to fattier pollen.

Dataset contains 5 separate csv files 

  1. FatbodyxPollenLipidContent.csv = the fatbody and pollen lipid content data from Experiment #3
  2. ForagingTripsObservations.csv = Column "Bee" uses the abbreviation "UN" to indicate "unlabeled" or "label no longer visible". The "trip" variable uses the following abbreviations to signify qualitative data for each observed foraging activity: "OF" (Orientation Flight); "R,P" (Returning, with Pollen); "R,NP" (Returning, no pollen); and "L" (Leaving)
  3. ReturningForagers_PollenYesNo.csv = Data of returning foraging trips returning with (pollen=1) or without (pollen=0) pollen from Experiment #2
  4. Pyriproxyfen_censoredsurvival.csv = Censored survival data from pyriproxyfen bees from Experiment #1
  5. Spirodiclofen_censoredsurvival.csv = Censored survival data from spirodiclofen bees from Experiment #1

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