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Archived Accumulated Growing Degree Average and Anomaly Products (1981-2010 climate normal)

posted on 2022-02-11, 16:27 authored by USA National Phenology Network
Heat accumulation is commonly used as a way of predicting the timing of phenological transitions in plants and animals. The USA National Phenology Network (USA-NPN) hosts a suite of accumulated growing degree day products to serve a number of audiences. In 2022, the USA NPN updated all long-term average and anomaly products in this suite to use the more recent climate normal period (1991-2020).

This record contains the archived layers that use the prior normal (1981-2010). The data consists of geotiff rasters with daily accumulated growing degree day values. The "average" files show the daily GDD value averaged across 1981-2010. The "anomaly" files show for each day 2016-2021, the difference between that day's accumulation and the long term average. These products begin accumulation on January 1 and use either a 32F or 50F base temperature.

The products using updated normals can be accessed here: Accumulated Growing Degree Days, Continental United States, 1981 - Current Year

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