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Accumulated Growing Degree Days, Continental United States, 1981 - Current Year

posted on 2021-04-22, 21:41 authored by USA National Phenology Network
The USA National Phenology Network has available a series of gridded products enabling researchers to analyze daily Accumulated Growing Degree Days (AGDD) from 2016 through the current year, and compare these values to long term averages. Heat accumulation is commonly used as a way of predicting the timing of phenological transitions in plants and animals. Products generated by the USA-NPN begin accumulation on January 1 and use either a 32F or 50F base temperature.

The data are accessible via the USA-NPN Visualization Tool ( and the USA-NPN Geoserver (user access facilitated by the Geoserver Request Builder:

For all inquiries regarding this dataset, please contact the USA-NPN. This data is subject to the USA-NPN's Data Use Policy.